Downloads on mobile

I was responsible for the design of the downloads feature on blinkbox's Android and iPhone apps.

Below is an overview of the project.

The challenge

Users wanted to be able to watch the movies and TV shows they bought through blinkbox whilst on the go. As data plans and cellular coverage are both limited, we had to find a way which allowed them to do this without needing an internet connection.

To solve this problem we decided to build a download feature that worked on iPhone and Android phones.

This would allow users to download their movies and TV shows without needing a connection.

My role was to lead the UX design of the feature for both platforms.

The process

Working closely with the product managers, I ensured a cohesive experience across both platforms despite numerous limitations imposed by the studios, time constraints and individual platform nuances.

As this was a mobile app we decided users were only able to download one movie or TV show at a time, as a movie can be up to 5GB. This ensured we wouldn't be inadvertently cause them to use all their data allowance as well as simplifying the development of the feature.

By sketching my initial ideas for the feature I was able to quickly move through concepts and refine the basic design to something which met both the user and business needs.

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I then transferred these sketches into high fidelity wireframes which we used by the UI designer and also as a basis to write features files.

Below is the basic user journey for downloading an asset.

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Working with the UI designer and dedicated UX Researcher on the team, we produced a prototype using Marvel to put in front of users. We used to findings to iterate upon the prototype until we were certain we had an experience which worked for the people using it.

Going Native

I used native components for each platform where possible, to help the development teams to deliver a stable build as quickly as possible.

To ensure the experience was consistent across platforms, whilst using native components, we used a broad visual language to provide familiarity.

For example, the layout of the download queue is consistent across both iOS and android.

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The final app

The app now allows users to download a movie or TV show. They can track the progress of their download, pause the download and enable streaming or downloading over a mobile data connection so they're always able to access their content.